Promoting Your Business:
101 Marketing Strategies
& Ideas

This list of 101 marketing strategies is designed to get you thinking about the many different ways you come in to contact with your customers. It's about making sure that each time your customer has some experience of your business, they are left with a consistently good perception.

You are building a brand and every contact must reinforce what you want to say about your business. This includes everything from how you answer the phone to how you use TV advertising

Business owners who have little experience of marketing do not always take this broad a view of marketing.

Typically they think that advertising equates to marketing. But it involves a whole lot more than that.

If marketing is not your strong suit, find a small business coach that specialises in marketing. It's easy to learn about marketing from a book but it takes years to master so it may pay to invest in professional help.

So, this list of 101 marketing strategies includes a whole range of small business marketing ideas from what you're doing inside the business to how you communicate your message out in the marketplace.

You do not necessarily need 101 marketing strategies for your business. Take the ones that are most relevant to you and make them a part of your marketing plan.

101 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

1. Have a catchy business name that’s easy to remember

2. Get a logo designed by a professional graphic designer (it’s worth the investment)

3. Put your logos & company name on everything inc:

4. Business cards

5. Stationery

6. Brochures

7. Information packs

8. Flyers

9. Staff uniforms

10. Invoices

11. Email signatures

12. Signage in your premises/window displays

13. Company vehicles (with your phone number)

14. Niche marketing - Have a clearly defined niche

15. Assess whether your product packaging is appealing or noticeable enough

16. Create a well researched script that has been tested and measured for sales staff and train them in your sales process

17. Have a list of your benefits

18. Have a company policy with regards to greeting customers both in-person and on the phone

19. Have a call-on-hold message that advertises your business

20. Advertise in newspapers

Business Coaching Insight:

Advertising is not necessarily appropriate for every business. Make sure you really understand how it works first before rushing in and wasting valuable dollars.

21. Advertise on television

22. Advertise on radio

23. Advertise on outdoor signage eg. posters, bus sides

24. Advertise in the Yellow Pages

25. Make sure you’re listed in all relevant directories (online and offline)

26. Advertise in magazines

27. Advertise in cinemas

28. Find ways to improve your advertising – is the creative work noticeable, could it be better?

29. Advertorials – paid for editorial in relevant publications which allows you to explain more about what you do

30. Offer a free product to magazines for a reader giveaway (plus product review)

31. Offer products to relevant websites with lots of members

32. Direct mail letters

33. Direct mail postcards

34. Customer gifts – eg. fridge magnets, mouse mats with your contact details on them

35. Have a content-rich informative website

36. Exchange links to your website with other related businesses in the same market (make sure they are quality businesses)

37. Collect email addresses through your website

38. Have an affiliate marketing programme so other websites can sell your products for you

39. Buy Google Adwords

40. Write ezine articles with links to your website

41. Create a Facebook fan page

42. Start social networking – twitter, LinkdIn etc.

43. Create databases of customers, prospects and potential referrers

44. Keep in touch with them – send monthly e-newsletters to let people know what you’re doing eg. promotional offers, new services etc

45. PR – send out media releases whenever you have something new to say

46. Gather testimonials, quotes from satisfied customers and case studies and use them on your sales kits and website

47. Attend networking functions – make a goal to have 1000 ‘centre of influence’ contacts

48. Ask these centres-of-influence to refer you

49. Ask them to mention you in their newsletters

50. Offer their customers some sort of special deal

101 Marketing Strategies...halfway there!

51. Get involved in public speaking (a great way to raise your profile and level of perceived expertise but only if you like it!)

52. Give something away for free – samples, CDs etc

53. Write a free report to giveaway

54. Free demonstrations

55. Free seminars/workshops

56. Give free consultations

57. Have a referral programme (reward people for referring people to you)

58. Have a loyalty programme (reward customers for buying from you)

59. Say ‘thank you’ to customers

60. Write ‘thank you for your business’ on your invoices

61. Events – find a cost effective way to be seen at events

62. Trade Shows

63. Give products to local charity fundraisers in exchange for MC mentions

64. Find other ways to be involved in the community at a grass roots level

65. Have a guarantee (eg. 24 hour turnaround)

66. Find ways to upgrade what you deliver to customers

67. Increase your speed of response

68. Follow up on customers

69. Ask customers for feedback and suggestions about how you can improve

70. Create a customer feedback system

71. Be really easy to deal with

72. Train customers how to describe what you do to others

73. Fusion marketing – find related business to co-market with

74. Anticipate what your customers may want next

75. Over-deliver – give your existing customers added value

76. Identify your most important 20% of customers and find ways to deepen the relationship

77. Identify what new products or services these clients want

78. Create an irresistible offer for existing clients to buy more from you

79. Create an irresistible offer for new clients (with a limited date)

80. Write articles in appropriate publications to raise your profile

101 Marketing Strategies...only another 20 to go!

81. Hire a telemarketer

82. Hire an appointment setter

83. Get free publicity – do something out of the ordinary

84. Upgrade your sales letters and proposals – have them designed and written by a professional if necessary

85. Find new places to deliver your product

86. Create a promotions eg. back to school, new year, Easter, etc – whatever’s relevant for your business.

87. Hold a competition

88. Sponsorships (but make sure you get good value for money)

89. Improve the quality of your product or service

90. Have a great reputation and word-of-mouth

91. Increase your prices

92. Change your hours of operation

93. Change your days of operation

94. Upgrade the décor in your premises

95. Offer gift certificates and vouchers

96. Find out why lapsed customers stopped buying from you and attract them back

97. Buy/create a prospect mailing list

98. Analyse your competition and find out you can create more competitive edge

99. Become a market leader in your niche

100. Ensure you’ve got the right people dealing with customers – if not, get the right people on board

101 Marketing Strategies...and last but not least...

101. Find ways to reiterate your credibility & expertise in the market

We've given you this list 101 marketing strategies to help you think of all the myriad ways your customers have contact with you. You don't need to spend a fortune on marketing - many of these ideas are inexpensive and easy to incorporate. The key is to see your business as the customer sees it.

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