About Us

We are both coaches, with differing backgrounds and experience, and we both have a passion for writing.

You will notice that we don't just talk about business stuff on this site.

This is because businesses sometimes become static when the owner needs to develop in some way personally.

Here’s a bit more about who we are:

Elaine Seager

“I’m English but moved to Australia over 8 years ago. I have been coaching since 2000 both as a personal coach and also in businesses and corporates.


I have a marketing and advertising background and so I enjoy being able to help businesses find their niche and clarify exactly what makes them different. 

I love business. I have a business degree and I’ve been involved in three new business start-ups (one of them a total failure but probably my biggest learning curve!).

As a coach my interest with regards to businesses is on the personal development and growth of business owners and leaders.

There's a lot more to being a success in business than having business know-how. Beyond the nuts and bolts, who you are, what people see and how you operate have a huge affect on the business. 

From my perspective business coaching therefore inevitably crosses over into personal coaching.

In addition to coaching I am also the editor of three magazines and mother to a young daughter".

Carol Hautot

“At heart I am a teacher and I had a long career in the training industry before becoming a business coach (I am a certified ActionCoach).

Contributing to this website is another way for me to share ideas, insights and learning’s with business people and hopefully to make a difference to their lives.


I love talking about business, and in particular, sharing ideas about how to build great teams and leaders.

There is no doubt that successful businesses are owned by ‘bigger’ people who overcome their own personal limitations and thereby allow their business to also grow.

I’m also really fascinated by how spirituality plays a part in running a business (although I’m not a religious person by the way, it’s just that when you’re coaching you can’t help but notice there’s always a higher power in action).

My two great passions outside of business coaching are my two children and theater. I love to write plays in my spare time.

Further down the track I would love to be able to create ‘corporate theater’ workshops for business people. That’s my dream but in the meantime I’m working on improving my performance skills for public speaking”.

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