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Books on Time Management

There are many training courses and books on time management available. As we've said elsewhere on this site, time management is really about self management and if you can't manage yourself well you'll find it difficult to manage a team. 

"Your time is a valuable resource" Bill Gates

In essence, the more organized you are the less hassles and problems you will encounter in your life and in your business.

This is why business coaches focus on time management - it is one of the foundation stones for a strong business. If you're not working with a coach yet but you struggle with being disorganized, you can at least start by reading some good books on this topic.  

When it comes to changing your habits it's important to realize that it takes time to create a new way of doing things. You will have more success if pick one or two tips to try and implement rather than the whole lot.

It's been estimated that it takes about three weeks to create a new habit so choose one new habit at a time and keep doing it for three weeks until it becomes second nature.

Don't try and do too much at once because it will overwhelm you and when you fail it'll make you feel bad about yourself.

Take one step at a time.

We recommend these books:

Eat That Frog (Brian Tracy)

This is a quick and easy to read book that tackles ways to overcome procrastination. Brian Tracy has been assisting business people to be more organized for many years and he's developed a number of books and audio programs. He has lessons in this book for everyone.

Difficulty rating: easy

One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey (Ken Blanchard)

This book has one powerful message about delegation that you will get in the first few pages but keep reading it to get the full impact.

Difficulty rating: easy

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