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Are You Sabotaging Your Goals?

You set yourself some big goals that meet the SMART criteria for effective goal setting, yet for some reason you don't seem to be able to reach them.

Just as you start to see your goal becoming a reality, obstacles start popping up that prevent you from achieving it.

This is a frustrating but fairly common problem, which happens when there is an underlying unconscious pay-off for not achieving the goal.

For example, a business owner who is planning to retire from the business may fear losing respect, credibility and being 'useful'. Or someone may fear that they won't be able to handle too much success or it may mean less family time.

When you set goals it is a mental intellectual exercise but these unconscious pay-offs are usually emotional.

To move past a sabotage pattern, you will need to uncover the underlying emotional needs or fears that are holding you back and then make a plan to accommodate them.

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Team Building Techniques

The team building techniques for ambitious business growth

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Talking through times of change

Successful businesses thrive on good communication across all areas of the business from top to bottom, bottom to top and between teams and departments.

Generally, the more formal and informal conversations that take place the better.

This is especially the case in times of change when staff may be feeling vulnerable about job security. If you don't communicate well during these times, the void will be filled with speculation and gossip which undermines the businesses productivity and causes anguish and demotivation where it's possibly not warranted.

Even your most valuable employees could fall victim to this trap. Don't just assume that they know how much you value them.

How to Motivate Employees

How to motivate employees in small businesses

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Effective Staff Meetings

How to have effective staff meetings in your business

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You can't do everything!

Good time management is one of the basic building blocks for successful businesses. But being a good time manager does not mean you finding the solution to getting everything done.

In fact, it's often quite the opposite.

It usually means accepting that you can't do everything and deciding to prioritize what you spend your precious time on.

It also means tearing your to-do list because most of the tasks on there are probably not essential to the growth of your business.

Have a look at your to-do list today and get brutal with it. Which things will advance your business and which will have virtually no impact?

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Good Leadership Skills in a Small Business

The 4 key good leadership skills to develop as a small business owners

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Different Leadership Styles Applied in Small Business

How DISC personalities affect different leadership styles

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Team Building Strategies for a Small Business

7 Team building strategies to pull a small business team together

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Team Building in the Workplace

Ways for small business owners to develop team building in the workplace

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