Couples in Business:
Keeping the Passion Alive

Couples in business have their own unique set of challenges. Most business owners will acknowledge that it is challenging running your own business but it can be even more so when your most important personal relationship is entwined with it.

Couples need to take extra care to protect their personal relationship.

A pattern that often crops up in businesses owned and run by a married couple is when one partner feels trapped. They feel trapped because working in the business is not making them happy but they fear leaving because of the possible effects on their relationship and family. 

There is a lot at stake and it is often difficult for these partners to be truly honest about how they feel.

They worry about the fact that their partner is relying o them and they worry about the possible problems it may cause in their relationship. If there are children involved it's even harder.

Because of this couples in business can feel an extra burden to stay and make it work, but they end up feeling trapped.

Get the passion back

The good news is this situation is very fixable. Couples can negotiate changes in their roles and responsibilities towards the business without damaging the business or the relationship.

We've successfully coached many couples in business in this situation and this ebook is a step-by-step guide to making this happen. 

Our goal is to help couples in this scenario to experience falling back in love with their business and their partner.

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Couples in Business Ebook

Couples in Business: Keeping the Passion Alive is a step-by-step self-guided coaching program.

It includes practical steps to walk you through the process to resolving this problem of feeling trapped. It's the same process that we take clients through when we coach people face to face. 

We have divided the steps to getting out of this trap in to three sections: 1) your personal life 2) your relationship and 3) the business.

These three areas of your life are interconnected and you will need to review all three to free yourselves from what you may perceive as only being a business problem. 

This e-book includes case examples, coaching questions and practical exercises.

To get maximum benefit out of this e-book, we recommend taking the time to answer the questions and complete the exercises.

The good news is that we have seen many couples overcome this feeling of being trapped so you can read this e-book with hope and optimism. 

Why should you read this Ebook?

There are some processes within this ebook that are useful for any business owner since they are designed to unearth insights about you and your business.

Specifically you will find out:

  • What you both want from life and from your business
  • What your individual strengths are and what roles would suit you best
  • What your partners strengths are with regards to the business and the relationship dynamic between you
  • If you are both on the same page with regards to your business vision and your role within it, including what exit strategies you may need
  • How to begin communicating with your partner about how you feel towards the business in a positive and constructive way.

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If you're feeling trapped in your business, for only $2.00 you can begin the process of coaching yourself to feeling empowered to make changes that will ultimately lead to you feeling happier and more fulfilled.

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