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E-Myth & Other Great Books for Business Owners

The E-Myth is the bible for small businesses and for very good reason because it is packed full of really important insights about how to create a thriving business. If you haven't read it yet, make a point of reading this first.

Someone once said that if you read one book a week for a year it would be the equivalent of doing a university degree. That's an awful lot of knowledge you could accumulate.

These are some of the top business books we often recommend to clients and which they find the most useful.

The E-Myth Revisited (Michael Gerber)

This book really is a must-read for any business owner. Most people find it easy to read because it is so relevant and it highlights the mistakes most small business owners make - being the technician in their own business and not taking time to work 'on the business' rather than 'in it'.

Michael demonstrates with great case studies how to progress from the technician to the manager to the entrepreneur. It teaches you how to see your business as a separate entity that needs quality staff and systems to run well. If you've ever wondered how McDonalds manages to be consistent across continents, this book provides the answers. Read The E-Myth at least once.

Difficulty rating: Medium

Billionaire in Training (Brad Sugars)

Probably Brad's best book as it distils all of his best business tips for buying, running and selling businesses. Brad is a multimillionaire and accomplished entrepreneur who knows his stuff having bought and sold many business from a variety of sectors.

Difficulty rating: Medium

Instant Cashflow (Brad Sugars)

A valuable business resource for business owners or managers who are responsible for the financial health of the business. Creating profits and cashflow is Brad's specialty and he explains the process he's used to develop his own businesses and to build a global business coaching company. The book includes hundred's of practical strategies for increasing cashflow - they won't all work in your business but you will find a few that will.

Difficulty rating: medium

Discipline of Market Leaders (Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema)

This book argues that market leaders have learned to focus on one great value proposition rather than trying to be all things to all people. Market leaders focus on one of the following: either operational excellence (with great systems that provide consistent quality at a cheap price), product leadership (offering a superior product or service) or customer intimacy (focusing on delivering exactly what the customer wants and building long term relationships). It highlights the importance of knowing your strengths and being consistent in providing that to your customers.

Difficulty rating: medium

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