A Short and Easy Marketing Plan Example for Small Businesses

We spent approx. 30 minutes writing this marketing plan example. It is by no means exhaustive but it just proves that you can write a simple marketing plan to get you started in very little time.

The benefits of having a written down marketing plan are significant. Even if it's very short it will give you direction and focus.

It will also keep you accountable because you can then create a yearly calendar of your marketing activities so you have an overview of what’s happening when.

The important ingredients for successful marketing are focus and consistency. So, no matter how busy you get, it's important not to deviate from your plan.

Simple Marketing Plan Example

1. The Product or Service (and timeframe):

New Baby Food (launching 2013)

2. Marketing Goals:

  • Launch a new range of fresh, chilled baby foods
  • Achieve sales target of xyz units in year one
  • Build database of customers through website

3. Targeting:

Our core target market is mums, aged 28-40, ABC1 who live in our local city of xyz. They are above average income and education, many are ex-career women. They are very health conscious and only want the very best for their baby. Like all new mums they are very busy and tired. Making baby food is one more thing on their list of domestic chores to do but they want to ensure that their baby is only eating the best ingredients.

Our new baby foods will provide convenience with the peace of mind of good quality ingredients like they use at home.

4. Competitive Edge:

Our products are 100% organic, sourced from local ingredients with zero additives.

5. Marketing Strategies:

  • Pricing: Individual units priced at $x, packs of four will be priced at $x. This is the higher end of the market (competitor prices are...)
  • Distribution outlets: Selected supermarkets, cafes and health food stores in areas with a high density of young families in our target demographic
  • Promotion: PR and advertising in local parenting magazines (we will also seek to provide sponsored editorial in the form of baby recipe ideas), flyers in baby shops and distribution outlets, online advertising on local mums forums
  • Positioning: Compared to key competitors our products will be locally made with high quality, fresh ingredients.
  • Packaging: Glass jars (zero chemical exposure). Graphics and logos to be simple, elegant, upmarket

6. Actions Steps (with Timeframes)

  • Distribution outlets to be finalized by Oct
  • Media release with images to be drafted by Sept. Sent out Oct 15 with hi-res product images and offer of samples.
  • Graphic designer to be briefed by Sept on brand/logo design for packaging and advertising artwork
  • and so on...

7. Resources Needed:

  • Media contacts list to be sourced
  • Photographer needed for product shots - estimated cost $1000
  • and so on...

Using this marketing plan example you should be able to get your marketing plan on to one page.

Ideally you will spend more time and energy than we did on this made up version but our goal is to enable you to think about your marketing and have a plan in place even if it's short. If it works for you and keeps you focused on marketing your business - that's perfect!

Business Coaching Questions:

  • What is stopping you from writing a marketing plan example like this?
  • What is your marketing budget for the year? Is it allocated?
  • What marketing opportunities are you missing by not having a plan in place?

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