Personal Productivity:
How to be an Organized Entrepreneur

Becoming an organized entrepreneur is the key to getting more done and being more successful. We all have 24 hours a day, nobody can create more time; we can only control how well we use it.

“If you are disorganized, then it's very likely your business is too”

One of the great traits of entrepreneurs is that they are always full of ideas. The downside is that this can sometimes also manifest as chaos in your business.

Even if you have been smart enough to employ people around you who are super-organized, ultimately the business will still reflect how well organized you are (assuming you are the main one running the business).

Successful organized entrepreneurs, those that manage to breakthrough and have several businesses that grow into solid established ventures, manage to combine their creativity with the mental discipline needed to be well-organized.

Benefits of being organized in business

  1. Productivity

    Who knows how much time you’re wasting by being disorganized?

    It’s impossible to tell for sure but if it’s any indication one survey once worked out that the average worker wasted five hours a week looking for things. Which raises the question: how much money are you wasting on paying staff to look for lost files etc?

  2. Reputation

    If you are a disorganized business your customers will certainly know about it. Some may not be bothered as long as you deliver, others will be frustrated by your inability to get your act together.

    Chances are, the better quality customers (ie. the ones with more money to spend) will be the ones getting frustrated and you may never know how much potential business you’re losing because of it. 

  3. Growth potential

    People who are deadline-chasers tend to be hooked on the thrill and adrenaline rush they get from leaving things until the last minute. It’s intoxicating but it’s also toxic.

    Disorganized businesses usually follow their own boom-bust pattern.

    It’s only when things are suddenly going badly and their backs are against the wall that they’re galvanized into action. Then once they’ve saved the day and got more business in, they take their foot off the peddle and let things slide again.

    It’s an exhausting process for the whole team and ultimately prevents the business from making any real headway.

How to be more organized:

  1. Don’t be a deadline-chaser

    Many people are in the habit of procrastinating and leaving things until the last minute. When I first started out in my working life I was surrounded by people who were deadline-chasers. 

    However it didn’t take me long to realize that it caused a lot of stress and I soon made the decision that I would start working on projects straightaway and do a little bit everyday so it wasn’t a big rush at the end.

    This created less stress for me but more importantly it resulted in much better work that was well considered and more creative.

    When you stop procrastinating it creates more breathing space for contemplation so your business can do its best work. 

  2. Tidy desk, tidy mind

    Your work environment (and home environment) generally reflects how your mind works! People who are disorganized tend to manifest clutter around them.

    If your desk reflects a headless chicken rather than a calm ordered mind, its probably time for a de-clutter. Clean space is essential for creating great work.

  3. Start planning better

    The real key to being an organized entrepreneur is planning. A few hours spent planning your time today will save you hundreds of lost hours later and the more staff you have the more important this is.

    Good planning in a business means planning your time, planning how best to use the resources in your business, planning what you want your team working on, having a business plan with goals, having a marketing plan etc.

    There will always be interruptions and other urgent matters cropping up which makes it all the more important to be well-planned.

  4. Be selective

    Just because you have lots of great ideas doesn’t mean you have to act upon them all.

    An well-organized entrepreneur has the discipline to be selective about which ideas to pursue and which to sideline. If an idea isn’t going to add to the bottom-line in some way, don’t do it.

    Only get your team working on those ideas and projects that are truly worthwhile and do-able that are going to benefit the business.

  5. Run away!

    One of the keys to how to be an organized entrepreneur is to take time out.

    When you’re completely immersed in the day-to-day activities of your business it can be difficult to see what needs changing so sometimes you just simply need to get away from it to get some perspective.

Business Coaching Questions:

  • Can you easily find documents within one minute?
  • Is your work environment energizing? 
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would your staff rate you in terms of being an organized entrepreneur?

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