Business Resilience:
Self Belief and a Positive Attitude at Work

By nature successful entrepreneurs tend to have a positive attitude at work and a very strong self belief. If they didn't believe they could pull it off they'd never risk going into business in the first place.

However, all of us have lots of subconscious beliefs that we may not even realize we have and sometimes they can get in the way of our success.

This is where a working with a coach can really help because they will be able to show how your beliefs are affecting your business and keep you accountable for what you choose to believe. 

If you're feeling negative about something a friend or spouse might let you moan and make excuses, a coach will not.


Business Coaching Insights:

What you think and say about situations determines your outcomes

Business coaches are also very well attuned to hearing the difference between reasons and excuses. They use a number of coaching strategies to help you unearth what's holding you back.

If your business isn't going as well as you'd like it is always really easy to find excuses for why this is.

Maybe it's an economic downturn or a very competitive market.

Of course, these are factors that need to be considered but if you internalize them too much and make them a part of your 'story', then you'll actually begin to make it true and then your business suffers.

Excuses are not really helpful in business and if you're working with a coach they will expect you take responsibility and start looking for solutions.

Limiting beliefs

Another great benefit of business coaching is that they use coaching strategies to shine a light on your limiting beliefs. Business coaches are also trained to pick up on these and help you realize how they may be holding you back. 

Here are some typical statements that business owners might sometimes say to a coach:

  • "You can’t trust employees!"
  • "You can’t expect to take a holiday and come back and find your business running well"
  • "You can never please customers; they always want it cheaper and faster"
  • "You can’t knock back work after you’ve worked so hard to build relationships"

Statements like these are obviously not very empowering but they are pretty common to hear. Unfortunately the subtext to these is 'it's not my problem, it's them, I'm the victim'.

Whilst you're thinking these kinds of thoughts you stay stuck.

If a business coach brings them to your attention and you acknowledge it, you'll be in a much better position to determine whether they're true or not (they usually aren't) and then you can change the way you think and move forward.

When you realize that you are creating your own reality by what you choose to believe, you can start to change by believing more empowering beliefs that you can own.

Employees really can become trustworthy and responsible and customers can become gracious and appreciative.

Business Coaching Insights:

  • What excuses do you use for not being more successful?
  • Would your team say you had a positive attitude at work?
  • Do you have some fixed views that stop you finding solutions to problems? eg. 'I can't trust staff'

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