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Great Sales Books for Business Owners

Sales skills are really important for business owners and these sales books are a good place to start. Luckily, many entrepreneurs are already naturally gifted salespeople but for business owners who started out as 'technicians' it can be a challenge to get really good at selling.

However, your business depends on you being able to sell your vision, your ideas and your products to others.

Theoretically nobody should be able to sell your business better than you.

So if you're not confident about selling start by reading these books. A business coach will also be able to help you strengthen your sales processes.

Recommended reading:

Action Selling (Duane Sparks) A fantastic book that keeps the whole process very simple. The Action Selling system is excellent because it explains the buying process and how the typical buyer makes their decision. The book shows how to help someone to buy from you rather than 'sell' them something. An important distinction! It also includes scripts to follow and good questions to ask as you go through the process.

Difficulty rating: medium

Little Red Book of Selling (Jeffrey Gitomer)

One of the best books on selling because it's actually fun to read! Gitomer has a wry wit and a keen observation of human behavior. Here's an example: "People don't like to be sold. But they love to buy!"

Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale (Zig Ziglar)

Zig Ziglar was a salesman for years and his stories about his own experiences are very entertaining (including selling saucepans door-to-door). If you are good at selling because of good people skills but fall short when it comes to closing the deal, give this book a go.

Selling the Invisible (Harry Beckwith)

This book is for those who are in the business of selling services rather than a tangible product. Selling a service can be more difficult to quantify or warranty so customers are more fearful of buying. What it all boils down to is focusing on relationships (building trust). This book helps break down any fear your prospects may have in paying for your service and he explains the power of having a brand and establishing a guarantee.

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