Self Improvement Ideas for Business Owners

When business owners integrate self improvement ideas and commit to personal development, it always has a positive effect on the team and therefore the business. For this reason, business coaching aims to strengthen the business owner in order to strengthen the business itself.

This is especially true in your role as a manager and leader.

Your relationships with other people in your business, especially with your team, are a fertile ground for learning about yourself.

When you're faced with team difficulties, you will need to do some honest self reflection to determine what you may be doing to contribute to the problem.

Improving dealings with others

The merry-go-round of business depends on people.

As an entrepreneur you are dependent on people to spend their money with you (customers), work for you (employees) and collaborate with you (partners). 

You can't avoid the need to be able to relate well and influence other people.

Therefore self improvement ideas that develop your people skills reap significant rewards for your business.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your feelings under control
  • As a business owner it’s important to learn how to turn down intense emotions and be able to think logically.

    This doesn’t mean you shouldn't ever be getting angry or downbeat about some things; it’s just that they shouldn't dominate.  

    The goal is to be aware of the feelings that arise and then not allow your mind to run away with them. You still have control over your behavior.

  • Avoid the need to blame others
  • When someone makes a mistake in your business there is little point flying off the handle at them. A far better response is to ask them how they intend fixing it and then allowing them to go and fix it.

    This self improvement tip also extends to refraining from blaming others when things aren’t going well in your business.

    When you’re working with a business coach you need to be able to accept 100% responsibility for everything that is happening in the business. The buck stops with you and you’re the one that can change it. It’s a fruitless exercise blaming other people.

    So, instead of blaming others, look within yourself and see if you can see how you might have contributed to the mistake.

    A good book to read on this subject is ‘Leadership & Self Deception’ by The Arbinger Institute. Definitely a good read for business owners.

  • Accept people with different views
  • Disagreements are healthy and normal – the only time they become a problem is when people take it as a rejection and look for ways to retaliate or shut the other person down.

    Even if you are a married couple running a business together there will be times when you disagree. As a business owner it’s vital that you are able to accept this as a fact of life but still be able to stay on good terms with those people and work with them.

    Tensions and disagreements are also good for your creative energy – very often this is where some of your best ideas will spring from because you’re forcing each other to think differently.

  • Let people solve their own problems
  • Most business owners are grown up enough to be able to solve their own problems – by nature, they tend to be self-sufficient and resourceful enough to find a way around obstacles.

    However, one area where some may need some personal growth is when it comes to allowing others in the business to also solve their own problems.

    Of all these self improvement ideas this one sticks out for many business owners.

    People who jump in to solve their team’s problems are usually trying to mask their own insecurities. It might make you feel better in the short term but the end result is that it makes your team dependent on you.

    You can use these times as teaching opportunities but don’t take over and do it for them.

  • Notice your impact on others
  • An important part of the process of self improvement for business owners involves becoming self aware and noticing how your behavior affects others.

    If you don’t like the way people are behaving around you, you need to start asking yourself how you might be causing or provoking it. In other words, what are you doing or not doing that allows people to behave like this?

    This is a significant part of becoming a mature adult and the most important of our self improvement ideas for business owners.

Business Coaching Questions:

  • Which of these self improvement ideas do you need to work on?
  • Spend a week noticing how you affect your team: what do you notice?
  • Who can you get to support you as you grow?

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