Small Business Team Building in the Workplace

Team building in the workplace inevitably becomes more and more important as your business grows and you add more staff. However, many small business owners often end up feeling like the 'lone ranger'. They've got lots of helpers around them but they still feel like its all down to them.

This is a clue that you need to engage in some team building techniques and possibly review your recruitment strategies.

Business Coaching Insight:

Building a successful team culture can significantly elevate your confidence and potential as a business

What is team building?

Team building involves putting conscious strategies into place to help your employees bond together as a cohesive unit.

Just because you have several employees doesn't necessarily imply that teamwork is going on.

There is a difference between a 'team' and a bunch of individuals who happen to work for the same boss. 

Teams work together and support each other towards a common goal.

Why do team building in the workplace?

For business owners the ultimate goal of team building in the workplace is greater productivity and therefore, greater profits.

When you've got a good team in place that works well together you will notice a huge difference in terms of what your business can achieve.

Some of the more immediate benefits of team building in a business include:

  • Quicker problem solving - employees will come together to solve problems rather than coming to you
  • Less mistakes - when people work well together they communicate better and less mistakes occur
  • Improved creativity - because team members feel more comfortable bouncing ideas off each other it leads to more innovation
  • Higher morale levels - when people are closely connected they feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction which improves productivity and commitment
  • Less problems - when you actively engage in team building you can begin to dissemble the 'invisible walls' that can appear between individuals and departments.

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