Team Building Techniques:
Balancing Strengths & Weaknesses

Effective team building techniques are a vital ingredient for your growing business. Your first employees, in particular, need to be talented, driven and passionate because they will set the tone and culture of the business.

Business Coaching Insight:

It is essential to recruit brilliant people if you have big ambitions for your business

No business owner can do it all alone and no individual, no matter how talented, is good at everything that needs to be done in a business.

Consequently, great teams must have diverse talents and the best team for your business must have skills and capabilities that complement your own.

If you employ people just like you then the business will become unbalanced.

This might seem like an obvious point to make but since people generally tend to like people who are like themselves, it’s easy to recruit people who are similar to you.

Building Skills & Capabilities

As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses so you can recruit other people who are good at the things you are not so good at.

For example, if you’re very creative but struggle with details and follow through, then you should look to recruit someone who’s better at handling the details.

The goal, and one of the most important team building techniques, is to have a balanced team with different strengths and to put everyone into roles that utilize those strengths.

By doing this, you will greatly improve the performance of your business. 

It’s also worth noting that in the early stages of a businesses life, it can make a significant difference to your performance if you employ people who are multi-talented so they can cross over into other areas and not just do their own tightly defined ‘job’.

Building a Balanced Team

One easy way to work out how to build a balanced team is to use the DISC assessment to categorize people (a business coach will be able to help you do this).

In an ideal world when you start recruiting you should have a team member in each quadrant so you have a balanced team that covers all the strengths required for a great team.

Your ‘I’ person will bring vibrancy and be good at sales, your ‘C’ person will look after the details, your ‘D’ person will get projects moving and your ‘S’ person will bring harmony to the team.

Conversely, if you get too many people within the same quadrant it could cause these difficulties:

  • Too many ‘Influencers’ will result in a fun and creative environment where nothing ever gets finished. 
  • Too many C’s will create a team that’s so great on details it gets overwhelmed by them and struggles to keep focus on the bigger picture
  • Too many D’s may lead to conflict as they jostle for control
  • Too many S’s will make for a harmonious team but change and innovation will be slow

Bringing in Connectors

Communication is hugely important for any team and some people are great team players who can influence the performance of the whole team by talking. 

They are usually the friendly ones who make an effort to connect, communicate and get to know every team member. They know what everyone’s working on and what’s going on in the business.

Because these people are the ‘talkers’ they are the ones who keep all the communication channels in a business pumping.

We are not talking about gossips, but those people who genuinely love to talk and connect with others.

They can make a significant difference to the morale and performance of a team so bringing them into your business can be an effective team building technique.

The more connectors you have and the more talking they do the better for your business.

Business Coaching Questions:

  • Which DISC areas is your team weak in?
  • What team building techniques do you need to employ in your business?
  • Have you got the right people in the right roles to elevate your business?

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