The Importance of Time Management Tips for Personal Productivity

Business coaches often focus on time management tips with their clients, especially for smaller businesses, because the business owner's personal effectiveness directly impacts the business.

Business Coaching Insight:

If you can manage yourself well (via good time management), you are more likely to manage your team and business well

What is time management?

Time management is not really about how you manage time and its not really about tools and techniques. It's about how you manage yourself.

Ask any banker, accountant or other business adviser and they will tell you that the most successful entrepreneurs are very effective at managing their time. 

If you have the self-discipline to manage yourself well you are far more likely to achieve success. Self-discipline puts you in a much better position to manage your team and the business well. 

However time management is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to personal development, there are many other areas that business owners can develop which will positively affect their business too.

Personal development for business owners

Entrepreneurs who invest in their own personal development are also investing in their business since business owners with a strong personal foundation find it much easier to build a relatively 'problem-free' business.

While most business coaches will touch on time management tips they may not necessarily be qualified to go any deeper with personal development issues so you may need to find a specialist coach for help in developing these areas.

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