Why is Goal Setting Important?

Why is goal setting important when you're so busy getting on with running your business?

"If you aim at nothing you'll hit it everytime" Unknown

One of the most important reasons for using a business coach is that they will make you set business goals and then keep you accountable for achieving them.

Without a business coach it's all too easy to slip in to the habit of not reviewing and setting goals.

Barriers to goal setting

There are many things that can get in the way of business owners committing to the process of small business goal setting. These include:

  • Being too busy
  • Having limiting beliefs about what they think they can achieve
  • Failing to think and imagine life and business beyond their current reality

Benefits of goal setting

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal" Henry Ford

  • Seeing positives
  • When you are firmly focused on your goals you won't see obstacles, you'll just see challenges. It might seem like we're just playing with semantics but issues that may come up along the way seem much more manageable when you are focused on a future destination.

    Business owners with big goals see opportunities in recession and fortune in difficulties.

    Also, when you do set goals and you therefore know where you're headed, you’ll suddenly start noticing new opportunities and new connections to people and resources that you didn't notice before. Coincidences become a normal part of your daily life.

  • Getting what you want
  • If you only ever think about what you've got right now you'll just keep on attracting the same things in to your life. To change your circumstances, for example making more profit, you must visualize yourself doing so.

  • Motivation
  • The daily grind of running a business can eventually take its toll if you're not being pulled along by the dream of something bigger. Having exciting goals motivates you to keep going and makes the hard work worth all the effort.

  • Bigger results
  • Reaching for a goal is like climbing a mountain. Once you get to the top you realize there are a whole lot of other peaks to climb.

    So the process of goal setting doesn't ever stop. Sometimes you will achieve them; other times you'll get halfway there and realize its not really a goal you want to achieve anyway. Hence the need to keep reviewing goals to make sure they're relevant.

    Whichever way you look at it, the more goals you reach for the more you'll end up achieving.

Business Coaching Questions:

  • Why is goal setting important to you?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your personal and business goals?
  • What barriers to goal setting do you keep experiencing?

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